Free Wars (Open Source Wargame System)

كيف اعرف اشتري بقيمة السهم So, the next product we are releasing is a bit different from what we normally release. What we are publishing next is a rules light, open source, easy to play, easy to adapt, wargames system we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called “Free Wars” and we will be publishing the “Pioneer” setting/system with it. We were…

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Things I Hate: Halflings سوق تداول سعر الذهب Things I Hate: Halflings A Note from Scott: So I have a confession to make, I hate halflings and it is totally based on personal tastes. Personally, I don’t know many people who play them and I can’t say I really enjoy their traditional lore. The hobbits (who they are without a doubt based on)… مؤشرات فوركس Read More →

Crunch and Fluff: 20 Good Aligned Encounter Ideas for Non-Evil Parties & The Swanhunter Paladin Archetype اسعار الاسهم للسوق السعودي 20 Good-Aligned Encounter Ideas for Non-Evil Parties   “Demons did it”. “A ghost did it.” “An evil wizard did it.” “The corrupt official did it.” Antagonists are easy to write when things are black and white, good and evil, moral and immoral, but it doesn’t always have to be so two-tone. Sometimes the most compelling… تداول تجريبي للاسهم السعودية Read More →

3pp Data: What’s The Most Common Class Elements?

callcenter jobba hemifrån So, as some of you know I maintain a huge public list of 3rd party created classes. Today I pulled some fun data from it. I was curious about what the most common things people were creating were. Below is the data I got and my guesses as to why they exist.   1. The… إف بي إس فوركس Read More →

Ethnicity and Gender in RPG Artwork

top 10 forex broker in singapore Personal dictum- I refuse to accept giant titted, hyper sexualized, females and massively muscular, white, Adonis-seque guys as the only acceptable character designs in RPG work. It just… bothers me. Yeah, I’m a 6’2 white dude, but even I get tired of the same old designs. I know I sound like a social justice warrior…

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How to Treat a Freelance Artist (Rant) accurate forex scalping indicator Ok so I have heard some horror stories as of late. Realistically- if you are freelancing art for the 3rd party RPG industry you could make more money doing it elsewhere. There was a huge discussion about Freelance Pay Rates for Writers a while back and- honestly, pardon my language, it’s pretty shitty. As a…

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Upcoming LRGG Products (Spring 2016)

متى تنزل اسهم ام القرى Hey guys! So today I’m going to be talking about our upcoming production schedule. It has shifted a little due a few factors (mostly finishing up editing on Gonzo 2). We recently cooked out Alternate Path: Divine Characters and Racial Guide 5. Both are fantastic books and were in development for a long time while…

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Why I Hate (Most) Hybrid Classes (and How to Design a Good One)

تداول الاسهم بالراجحي So today I am going to talk on a purely personal topic. I, personally, find the concept behind hybrid classes really lazy from a design perspective. My understanding is that hybrid classes were made to serve two functions: To reduce class bloat and capitalize on existing content (talents, class features) To enter a design space…

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