Really Simple Prestige Classes

bonus bez depozytu We’ve always felt that oftentimes, prestige classes were not always “worth it”. They rob a character of their higher-level abilities and often dictate many aspects of the character’s growth by way of heavy entry requirements. This upcoming book, aptly named “Really Simple Prestige Classes” allows you to do just that! It includes 9 new 3…

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Imperial Warrior (Prestige Class) الاستثمار في سبائك الذهب Happy holidays from Little Red! We are proud to present the “Imperial Warrior” prestige class on our site for free as part of our effort to bring awareness to our charity sale happening on January 1st! All proceeds from our “One Day” sale will go to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital! Imperial Warrior A Prestige Class…

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Tome of Wicked Things الاشتراك في الاسهم السعودية We here at Little Red have a thing for being a little “wicked.” To us, the villains are just as compelling as the knight in shining armor! With Pathfinder releasing the antipaladin class in its Advanced Player’s Guide we thought we would give a facelift to one of our favorite D&D 3.5 classes. The Tome…

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Tome of Devotion تداول أسهم أم القرى From the worst hell you can imagine, the darkness creep ever forward. However… the power of the divine finds a way to overcome. Trapped in the pages of this tome are the powerful zealot and exorcist prestige classes. The content presented in the Tome of Devotion will add new depth and power to your divine…

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Our FREE Sample Pack!

مؤشر سوق الاسهم السعوديه مباشر Soon at Little Red Goblins Games, we will be presenting our free sample pack!  This pack includes new modules, monsters, and even a new prestige class. It’s loaded with free goodies for you to enjoy!  Here are just some of the things included in our gift to you! New modules, including  A Face Only Stolkholm Could… giełda akcji Read More → forex kurs lira