Alternate Path: Divine Characters praca przez internet w domu So we are going to be publishing Alternate Path: Divine Characters here in a little bit while we wait for our editor to finish up his final editing pass on Gonzo 2. This one was, like the other two alternate path books we’ve put out (a martial and a magic one) has a slew of… تداول السوق السعودية للاسهم Read More →

اسعار الجنيهات الذهب في السعودية

Tome of Wicked Things

glömt pin kod forex We here at Little Red have a thing for being a little “wicked.” To us, the villains are just as compelling as the knight in shining armor! With Pathfinder releasing the antipaladin class in its Advanced Player’s Guide we thought we would give a facelift to one of our favorite D&D 3.5 classes. The Tome…

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Tome of Devotion iml forex harmonic scanner download From the worst hell you can imagine, the darkness creep ever forward. However… the power of the divine finds a way to overcome. Trapped in the pages of this tome are the powerful zealot and exorcist prestige classes. The content presented in the Tome of Devotion will add new depth and power to your divine…

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