Free Wars (Open Source Wargame System)

jobba hemifrån bebis So, the next product we are releasing is a bit different from what we normally release. What we are publishing next is a rules light, open source, easy to play, easy to adapt, wargames system we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called “Free Wars” and we will be publishing the “Pioneer” setting/system with it. We were… strategia forex trading Read More →

Crunch and Fluff: 20 Good Aligned Encounter Ideas for Non-Evil Parties & The Swanhunter Paladin Archetype المتاجرة بالذهب في السعودية 20 Good-Aligned Encounter Ideas for Non-Evil Parties   “Demons did it”. “A ghost did it.” “An evil wizard did it.” “The corrupt official did it.” Antagonists are easy to write when things are black and white, good and evil, moral and immoral, but it doesn’t always have to be so two-tone. Sometimes the most compelling…

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Ethnicity and Gender in RPG Artwork

تداول اسهم شركة الاقتصاد Personal dictum- I refuse to accept giant titted, hyper sexualized, females and massively muscular, white, Adonis-seque guys as the only acceptable character designs in RPG work. It just… bothers me. Yeah, I’m a 6’2 white dude, but even I get tired of the same old designs. I know I sound like a social justice warrior…

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How to Treat a Freelance Artist (Rant)

السوق الماليه اليوم Ok so I have heard some horror stories as of late. Realistically- if you are freelancing art for the 3rd party RPG industry you could make more money doing it elsewhere. There was a huge discussion about Freelance Pay Rates for Writers a while back and- honestly, pardon my language, it’s pretty shitty. As a…

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Race Design

lediga jobb monteringsjobb hemma Ok guys, so despite one of our best selling product lines being our racial guide books, I don’t think I’ve ever yammered on about race design. That ends now.   “Traditional” vs. “Non-Tradational” The phrase “traditional” gets thrown around in house a lot and probably doesn’t have the same meaning outside of our company. I…

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The Illustrator’s Pipeline-Overview

اسهم شركة زين الكويت The Illustrator’s Pipeline-Overview By Megan Stevens Art direction is a key component of tabletop production.  As an artist, your job is to help sell what the designer is pitching; whether you’re depicting an entire race or small details such as deity iconography and weapon schematics, the role of the artist is to pump up the…

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Editing for Pathfinder canadian dude forex Editing for Pathfinder and Other Roleplaying Material By Ian Sisson Scott has gone on and on about the design process, but good design won’t help if people can’t tell what you’re trying to say. Good editing can clear up a lot of confusion, catch errors in judgment, and generally make a product more presentable to the public….

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How to Playtest a Class اسهم موانئ دبي العالمية Playtesting is an an essential yet often overlooked part of the design process. In video game production, they say budget 30% of your project’s development time or more to quality control/bug hunting. Far too often things get overlooked that casual play could have fixed.   Don’t Speculate Speculate while you design, not while you playtest….

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