valutahandel spot فوركس للتداول Nagual is a tabletop roleplaying game based around a world of Aztec-inspired giant robots who are the last line of defense against an alien invasion. It is as much inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and spirituality as it is by 80s and 90s mecha series.

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فتح حساب السوق Each player has a deck of standard playing cards. Their hand size represents their life. If you take damage, your hand size gets smaller. With each action you take, you play a card. If that card’s value is lower than their associated skill- the card takes on that higher value. The goal is to get higher than your opponent. You even get bonuses to relating things to your character’s background!

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تداول الاسهم الاماراتية اون لاين “Whenever rules come into conflict with ‘what makes sense’, ‘what is fair’, or ‘what is fun’, the rules should always be regarded as subservient and may be disregarded or altered (either temporarily or permanently). That is to say that the spirit of the rules and the story being told always triumphs over any rules.” اسعار الاسهم البيع والشراء في سلطنة عمان “Whatever is deemed fair and exciting by the consensus of all players is acceptable.” forex malmö valutaomvandlare forex brokers with neteller

اسهم اسمنت المدينه تخصيص Character creation is designed to be very simple and rather fluid. Simply agree on a number of equivalency points (EP) for each character and all characters should be around that point (give or take about 5). All characters should be agreed to be equal by all members of the group. If found not to be- adjustments can be made later. This takes into account things like elements of your background, your mecha, statistics, special equipment, and talents.

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platforma transakcyjna “Nagual” is a system and a setting. It’s set on the world of Cali where beings from a higher plane of existence, known as “spirits”, inhabit relic-like masks. In ancient times humans with a disposition matching the individual spirit could wear them and bond with them to form a super-powered warrior. Thosen who could bind to a spirit were called “nagual”. In modern times they affix the masks to giant mechanical frames- powered by the abundant dimensional energy the fusion of man and spirt produce! They do battles in great gladiatorial arenas (known as “flower wars”), engage in great wars, and are used to heroically fend off an ongoing alien invasions from an intergalactic super-power known as the “Centzon”.

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lön affärschef forex Nagual respectfully draws inspiration from the wellspring of culture, mythology, and sensibilities of pre-Spanish contact Mesoamerican culture (Aztec, Olmec, Zapotec, Mayan, etc). The game uses many Nahuatl words (the language of the Aztecs), the world of Cali is essentially “what would have happened if Mesoamerica was the dominant world power in antiquity”, and all the Nagual themselves are drawn from Mesoamerican deities or other spiritual figures. Designers attended a college-level lecture series on Mesoamerican history and culture and hope it will inspire new interest in this rich culture.

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