Ethnicity and Gender in RPG Artwork

saldo forex kort Personal dictum- I refuse to accept giant titted, hyper sexualized, females and massively muscular, white, Adonis-seque guys as the only acceptable character designs in RPG work. It just… bothers me. Yeah, I’m a 6’2 white dude, but even I get tired of the same old designs. I know I sound like a social justice warrior… ابي اشتري اسهم بقيمة ٤٠ دينار Read More →

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How to Treat a Freelance Artist (Rant)

forex td ameritrade review Ok so I have heard some horror stories as of late. Realistically- if you are freelancing art for the 3rd party RPG industry you could make more money doing it elsewhere. There was a huge discussion about Freelance Pay Rates for Writers a while back and- honestly, pardon my language, it’s pretty shitty. As a… اسهم بنك الامارات السودان Read More →

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The Illustrator’s Pipeline-Overview رافعة مالية The Illustrator’s Pipeline-Overview By Megan Stevens Art direction is a key component of tabletop production.  As an artist, your job is to help sell what the designer is pitching; whether you’re depicting an entire race or small details such as deity iconography and weapon schematics, the role of the artist is to pump up the…

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Little Red’s Pathfinder Class Template

خيار ثنائي وسيط cysec So when we work on a character class, here is the template we use as a base. Anything in red is required to be edited before you write anything. Keeping a company-wide standard document helps keep editing times down and increases constancy of quality. We have a whole style guide doc (a living document) that… التداول فوركس Read More →

Little Red’s Class Creation Guidelines

اخبار سوق الفوركس Reason for Writing This When someone picks the wrong type of class, it shows a fundamental failure of the application of good game design principles from the first step. I see so many mostly good home brewed base classes that should be prestige classes or archetypes because someone wants to employ more extensive mechanics.  … نصائح الفوركس Read More →

Kickstarter Best Practices

مباشر للاسهم السعودية These are just  some general “best practices” I wish someone had told me before launching a product. This is kind of a product of this thread I started. Give it a read. There are a lot of very smart, experienced, people giving some really good advice in there.   Kickstarter Best Practices Develop 2/3rds (or…

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Life Cycle of an RPG Product شبكة اسعار الذهب اليوم So let’s talk about a production cycle today. A production cycle is the life cycle of a product from start to finish. Culture and need defines what a production cycle looks like on a company to company basis and thus our production cycle is unique to Little Red and won’t necessarily work for everyone else…. فتح حساب في الفوركس Read More →

Diversity & Novelty of Concept

الربح من الفوركس I find it impossibly hard to believe that people do not produce non-Tolkien inspired material. Maybe that is naive of me (Dayton would as me to put another coin in the “avant-garde” jar for being so pretentious). When you boil it down, Star Wars is a scifi setting where samurai wizards with energy swords run…

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