Free Wars (Open Source Wargame System)

طريقة بيع وشراء الاسهم عن طريق النت So, the next product we are releasing is a bit different from what we normally release. What we are publishing next is a rules light, open source, easy to play, easy to adapt, wargames system we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called “Free Wars” and we will be publishing the “Pioneer” setting/system with it. We were…

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3pp Data: What’s The Most Common Class Elements? شريط الاسهم السعودية مباشرة So, as some of you know I maintain a huge public list of 3rd party created classes. Today I pulled some fun data from it. I was curious about what the most common things people were creating were. Below is the data I got and my guesses as to why they exist.   1. The…

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Top Producers of Class Related Content by Quantity كيف بيع وشراء الاسهم Ok so today I am going to post about something a little delicate. A little background first off: I manage a list of 3rd party base classes as well as a sister list of 3rd party campaign settings. So, with this data in mind and the sheer number of base classes we added in Gonzo…

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Ethnicity and Gender in RPG Artwork

giełda online Personal dictum- I refuse to accept giant titted, hyper sexualized, females and massively muscular, white, Adonis-seque guys as the only acceptable character designs in RPG work. It just… bothers me. Yeah, I’m a 6’2 white dude, but even I get tired of the same old designs. I know I sound like a social justice warrior…

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Modern Interpretations of LRGG Classes

forex valutapåslag So I got to thinking- what would some of the LRGG classes look like in a modern setting (like in d20 Modern or something).   Battle Chef Armed with a street cart full of supplies, the blood of Gordon Ramsey pumping in his veins, the battle chef is ready to serve up some culinary magic… افضل اسهم للشراء الان في ابوظبي Read More →

CHM 110 (Week 2) Learning Team Assignment / Team Assignment Exercise I *

Why I Hate (Most) Hybrid Classes (and How to Design a Good One) ماهو افضل سوق الاسهم So today I am going to talk on a purely personal topic. I, personally, find the concept behind hybrid classes really lazy from a design perspective. My understanding is that hybrid classes were made to serve two functions: To reduce class bloat and capitalize on existing content (talents, class features) To enter a design space…

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