Free Wars (Open Source Wargame System)

سوق البورصة السعودي So, the next product we are releasing is a bit different from what we normally release. What we are publishing next is a rules light, open source, easy to play, easy to adapt, wargames system we hope you’ll enjoy. It’s called “Free Wars” and we will be publishing the “Pioneer” setting/system with it. We were…

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“Organic Mechanics” vs. “Inorganic Mechanics”

مؤشر سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم Ok guys, today we can talk about “organic mechanics” vs. “inorganic mechanics”. So, what the heck am I talking about? Well, an organic mechanic provides a non-statistical bonus that provides some sort of aid in achieving a win condition. In short, it provides a new option rather than a bonus.   Inorganic Pathfinder Feat Example…

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Why I Hate (Most) Hybrid Classes (and How to Design a Good One)

موقع تداول الاسهم الامريكيه بالعربي So today I am going to talk on a purely personal topic. I, personally, find the concept behind hybrid classes really lazy from a design perspective. My understanding is that hybrid classes were made to serve two functions: To reduce class bloat and capitalize on existing content (talents, class features) To enter a design space…

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Race Design

forex sätta in på konto Ok guys, so despite one of our best selling product lines being our racial guide books, I don’t think I’ve ever yammered on about race design. That ends now.   “Traditional” vs. “Non-Tradational” The phrase “traditional” gets thrown around in house a lot and probably doesn’t have the same meaning outside of our company. I…

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طريقة التجارة بالنت Hey guys, So today I am going to talk about something that anyone who has worked with/under me has heard. It’s a bit of a rant but it’s important. I’m going to talk about this in relation to class design but it applies to EVERYTHING in design.   Fluff vs Crunch: A Fallacy A lot… عندي اسهم كيف ابيعها Read More →

Character Class Retrospective (Scott’s Musings)

valutahandel med margin Ok so this post will be kind of a retrospective. As a designer I’ve written a LOT of classes- weird out there ones that few people can match in sheer number. Just going on base classes, I’ve written over 50 (probably closer to 60 or 70). I’ve written posts about class design, done entire kickstarters… توقعات اسهم الشركات العقارية غدا الاحد 28 4 2013 Read More →

Gonzo 2 Playtesting Notes Part 3 كيفية شراء وبيع الاسهم عن طريق الانترنت سوق دبي المالي Gonzo 2 Playtesting Notes (Part 3 of… many) So we did a playtest last night. It got cut down to only one encounter because WE LAUNCHED THE GONZO 2 KICKSTATER LAST NIGHT! It was one of the L12 playtests and it pit a multiman (Rahul) croupier (Me- Scott), henchling (Ian), and the iconic fighter (Rahul) against… اسعار الذهب في الحرم Read More →

Gonzo 2 Playtesting Notes Part 2 إشارات حية خيار ثنائي So last night’s playtest came in 2 parts. One was a low level test (4th) and one was a mid/high level test (12th). The point of these tests was to see if the extensive changes we made to the croupier were sufficient and to test out battle butler and henchling. Croupier’s main issue, if you…

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Gonzo 2 Playtesting Notes (Part 1)

اسهم فيفا بالكويت اليو٠Gonzo 2 Playtesting Notes (Part 1 of… many) (The one in which I intend to describe every class we’ve playtested thus far with an X-men picture) We pride ourselves on our extensive playtesting and, since I mentioned it before, we just had our 4th playtest night for material. (multiple modules and encounters each). We think…

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