Things I Hate: Halflings

Things I Hate: Halflings

بنك وربه للاسهم

منتدى الفوركس players in forex market A Note from Scott:
So I have a confession to make, I hate halflings and it is totally based on personal tastes. Personally, I don’t know many people who play them and I can’t say I really enjoy their traditional lore. The hobbits (who they are without a doubt based on) were written to be “boring common folk” and while that has a place in books like Lord of the Rings, I’m not sure how appropriate it is for a “standard” D&D game. That is not to say they can’t be utilized, but they were designed as something we (as mere mortals) could identify with in an otherwise fantastic world. There were a plot device to allow us to view the story with some context we were familiar with. Honestly, they come across as boring gnomes most of the time I read them. The only really see them as being interesting when their lore is reimagined or tampered with in some way.

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Using Existing Halfing Lore

valutahandel nordnet أسهم الشركة اسمنت المدينة Backgrounds: You are the common man. You don’t quite measure up to the rest of your party by default. Through cleverness, a pinch of guile, and a strong heart you are able to overcome your shortcomings and be a hero in your own light. Your struggles are all the more daunting, your failures all the more common, but the triumph at the end is greater than ever.

You have something to prove. All your life everyone else has looked down upon you. Without reservation you have shown them wrong at every turn. You overcompensate for your short stature with an almost Napoleon complex.



For the purpose of this book, “hairfoot halflings” are what your picture when you think of a halfling. Small homebodies with a sprig of luck thrown in for good measure. They are halflings, as described in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and echo Tolkien’s race.

Alternate Halflings (Much More Interesting)

“Napoleonic” Halflings

Napoleonic halflings are taller than a typical halfling (though still of the small size category) with more aquiline features. Most of them take to industrial work, favoring technical work to the simple pastoral life style. They have more ambition and pomp about them and hold themselves in a high regard. Many humans describe them as having a “Napoleon Complex” and steer clear of the little titans. They are so filled with rage and pride that the slightest insult will send them into an uncontrollable, yet adorable, frenzy. Their society has many titles and each napoleonic halfling worth his salt has at least one or two overblown titles to his name. Such titles might includes things like “Lord Magistrate of the Western Lion’s Gate” (a halfling who used to watch over the west gate as a guard 2 nights a week), “Steward of the 5th Globe of Erindale” (a street lamp lighter for a street in Erindale), or even “High Inquisitorial Collector for the Earldom of Westerly” (an assistant tax collector for the town of Westerly). The males of this specials were also very proud of their outlandishly large and stylized mustaches which grow at an alarming rate.
Ability Score Racial Trait: Napoleonic halflings are bold and hearty, but not particularly strong.



A stout is never without a sandwich on his person. Stouts have a ravenous hunger that cannot be vanquished, only tempered. In a cruel twist of fate, stouts can’t tell when it is full so many have eaten themselves to death. They have a short squat appearance with wide round features and small ovoid eyes. They are round in body and hunched in posture and as such many have mistaken them for small boulders. They are particularly strong and have an impressive metabolism that allows the little pigish men to hustle at a comically fast pace.

Stouts roam the world moving from city to city, consuming all within their piggy little reach. Many famines have been the results of their migration and often times stouts are not allowed into a region under the penalty of death by being cooked at the stake. Ironically, while most humanoid races will not consume humanoid flesh, stouts are noted to be the most delicious meat ever imaginable. Their flesh can be worth hundreds of gp on the open market and many locations have allowed them to be consumed in moderation.

  • متى يفتح سوق الاسهم في السعوديه Ability Score Racial Trait: Stouts are strong and resourceful, but have an unhealthy lifestyle. They gain +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution instead of their normal ability score racial trait.
  • طريقة بيع الاسهم الراجحي Speed: Stouts have a 30 ft movement speed rather than 20.
  • forex valuta malmö Voracious Appetite: Stouts must consume a meal (equivalent to 1 trail ration) every 4-6 hours or become fatigued until they eat something. In addition, a stout must make a Will save (DC 10 + stout’s own Constitution modifier) when offered food to resist it.


Free Spirits

You can reimagine a halfling to be a totally free spirit… man. These very bohemian creatures wander from one town to another in caravans and have very little interest in doing anything even related to work (unless it is artistic). They are known to have eclectic, often minimalist, tastes in art and music and put a great deal of pride in said works. They are excessively easygoing and are organized into “loose bands” rather than any kind of coherent social structure (the very concept of a strict system makes them vomit). Most are quite addicted to all sorts of mind-altering substances and the entire culture has a rampant drug problem. Despite once being the domineering warlords who ruled the known world 500 years ago, they have fallen so far from grace that no one could imagine the terror their reign once held.



These halflings are reimagined to be chronic kleptomaniacs. Their entire cultural definition of ownership is very different than other races and puts them at odds. They believe that those who need or want something have the right to an object rather than defined worth and the like. Their government works in a similar fashion. There is a gaudy golden crown called the “King’s Crown” and the halfling one who is currently wearing it is the king. While completely disorganized, this system seems to make sure that only the clever halflings are in charge and they lose their crown when they let their guard down. Occasionally good forgeries will be made and multiple kings have been claimed. It is believed that the “real” King’s Crown has been lost for hundreds of years and it is just a successions of forgeries because so few actually see the crown itself.

Elder Ones

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Known by many names these vestigial proto-humans are a genetic dead end from which all other humanoid races evolved. They are the oldest of all the races, though their genetics make them suitable only as subsistence farmers and survivalists. Most look more like a caveman (cro-magnon) than modern humans.

Most Blessed of Luck

Hated by all, these reimagined halflings are superstitious lucky bastards who’s luck comes at the detriment of others. They revere luck in a religious fashion and take wild chances based on chaos based divination methods (such as flipping a coin or rolling a dice).

Mutant Monstrosities

This variant presentation of the halfling race reimagined them as super deformed mutants who have succumb to a plague. Once humans, these halflings are all hunchbacks who walk with a stooped gate.


These halflings are reimagined simple as 1/2 human and 1/2 dwarf, much in the same way that half-elves are the offspring of humans and elves.

  • سوق ابوظبي المالي اسعار الاسهم Alternate Racial Trait: Weapon Familiarity: Half dwarves are proficient with battleaxes, heavy picks, and warhammers, and treat any weapon with the word “dwarven” in its name as a martial weapon. This replaces the halfling’s weapon familiarity racial trait.


Clean Goblins

Thousands of years ago the goddess of light cleansed the souls of a particularly virtuous clan of goblins who had pledged their service to her. These new “clean goblins” became known as “halflings”. Now as numerous as the goblins they came from- they now crusade against their twisted ancestors and seek to “cure” more of them.



Rules: Throwing Halflings as Weapons

If you are of at least medium size you may throw a halfling (or other race of small or smaller size) as if it were an improved weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. A halfling thrown in such a way deals 1d6 damage. If the halfling is a willing participant, you take no penalty on the attack beyond what you would normally suffer. If they are unwilling, the thrower takes a -4 penalty on the attack as they are flailing around in the air. If the creature is unwilling you must make a CMB vs the target’s CMD check (using any bonuses that are normally applied to grappling). A given creature may only be thrown once per round.


New Feats

Halfling Tosser
Prerequisites: Strength 18, Throw Anything
Benefit: Any halfling you throw has a 20 ft. range increment. A halfling thrown by a character with this feat deals an additional 1d6 for every 3HD of the halfling thrown.


Gnome Punter
Prerequisites: Halfling Tosser, BAB +6
Benefit: When throwing a small sized creature that is unwilling, you suffer no penalty for them being unwilling if you moved at least 10 feet before you attempt to throw them. In addition you get a +2 bonus to all Combat Maneuver checks to throw an unwilling creature.


Halfling Bombardier
Requirement: Halfling, BAB +6
Benefit: When you are thrown at a target and successfully hit your intended target, you can may make a single attack at your highest BAB against the target. This attack consumed 1 attack of opportunity for the round. If you do not have a remaining attack of opportunity then you may not make this attack.

New Items

سعرجرام الذهب اليوم Halfling Fill

Cost: Varies (15 GP where available)
Description: Fat little halflings make fat little meals for fat little nasties that crave their fat little flesh. The implications of eating the flesh of another sapient humanoid race aside, halflings are a wonderful meat that melts in your mouth if prepared properly. The juices from their constant engorging makes for a powerful magic food. This functions as a trail ration that provides a meal that fills a creature of any size or appetite for 24 hours.


تجارة سبائك الذهب Boots of the Fleeing Thief
Cost: 990 gp
These boots provide a 30 ft. bonus to movement speed to the wearer when moving farther away from a creature but impose a -20 ft. penalty (min 5 ft.) to the movement speed of the wearer when trying to move towards (closer to) the creature. Designating a creature you wish to flee from can be done as part of a move action. A wearer can designate only one creature per day in such a fashion. In addition, a halfling who wears these boots may designate any number of enemies per day, though never more than one at a time. A halfling wearing these boots who fails a Will save against a fear effect automatically designates the creature who was the source as the creature they are fleeing from.

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