3pp Data: What’s The Most Common Class Elements?

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  • 6 wizards (all rebuilt as NPC classes by Knotty Works)
  • 5 rogues
  • 4 rangers
  • 3 barbarians
  • 3 bards

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تداول الاسهم اليوم السعوديه

  • 2 Cavalier/Inquisitors
  • 2 Alchemist/Paladins

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  • 6 Cleric combos
  • 6 Fighter combos
  • 6 Gunslinger combos

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شلون اعرف اسعار الذهب Cleric, I feel, is the kind of easy way to give a hybrid class divine casting and/or a really strong connection to the divine. 3 of 5 hybridize with arcane casters to king of give that mystic theurge vibe and 1 with psychic for a psychic/divine link. The last is the gun priest from the Rhune campaign setting (always thought that one was cool conceptually).

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  • 4 Gladiators
  • 4 Vanguard (3 + 1 “vauntguard”)
  • 3 Warlocks (+1 “warloghe”)
  • 3 Elementalists
  • 3 Medics
  • 3 Priests
  • 3 Shamans
  • 3 Stalkers
  • 3 Thaumaturges
  • And there are 6 things with “rune” in their name (runeguard, runemage, runereaper, and 2 runesmiths)

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تحليل سوق دبي للاسهم

Warlock is an easy one- it was popular in 3.5 and it’s popular here. No surprises (but some good classes came out of it so who’s crying?)

Elementalists. Yeah… as a designer how can you really resist the lure of making a character designed around the elements. Plus, with the recent popularity of avatar- it is basically a stock thing now.

Art By Nintendo-Nut1

Medics fill that mundane healer role while retaining martial skill. I can understand why so many were made.

Priests and shamans are stock character is most fantasy games. No surprises that a few popped up.

All 3 stalkers kind of fill that “stealthy attacker” rolls without being rogues. Dreamscarred Press’ gets ki and is kinda ninja-esque. Little Red Goblin Games’ is from the Necropunk campaign setting and is kind of an assassin. Dias Ex Machina Games’ is from their Amethyst: Renaissance setting. They seem like specialist technological soldiers with a few subclasses that mostly all deal with guns. No real SUPER large connection between all three of them other than the indirect/non-traditional melee role. Interesting to see that 2 of them are scifi/quasi-scifi.

(Inside joke- we refer to Mystic Theurge as “mystic thugs”)

The 3 thaumaturges are all magical in some way which is in line with the word (a worker of wonders and performer of miracles; a magician.) Drop Dead Studios’ is from their Spheres of Power book which does magic differently and their thaumaturge is more a risk/reward style castrer. Owen Stevens put out a “quick class” (it’s 2 paragraphs long) and basically gives you arcane/divine spellcasting + a bunch of other spells. The last one, from Thunderscape: The World of Aden setting by Kyoudai Games, is another caster so all three kind fit the bill.
Kobold Press had a “theurge” class which is basically a base-class version of the mystic-theurge.

Art By Taudruw

And the rune things? Yeah. They are all variant casting classes that use runes rather than a more vancian casting system and some variation on that concept.



سعر الاسهم مباشر That’s all for today! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


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